Alexis Kiza Hakizimana, was born in Kigali, the capital city of Rwanda, a country in East Africa in 1980. At a young age, due to difficult circumstances he found himself in the deepest village where his former luxury life had turned into a wilderness. He became a cowboy in the bush. While keeping his adoptive father’s cows, he saw a deeper meaning and that threw all he knew into harsh perspective.

From the ground, he saw something scary, and from there he heard a voice calling him to rescue God’s people, something he couldn’t understand at eight years. He ran to an old man who was close to ask the significance of the experience, but the old man couldn’t help. It was only later after meeting one of the Pastors back home that he was given an explanation. He decided to give up all the sweet things of the world, though it took him some years to comply with God’s intentions and mission for him.

During the 1994 there was a genocide for Tutsi in Rwanda; this Alexis lost many of his family members. This has played a role as one of the formative incidents in his life. It has affected his life to the point of drugging himself in order to sleep. Only under the influence of drugs could he sleep, but once sober again the difficult memories would always push him down, despite the continuous voice reminding about his childhood vision.

By the grace of God, he was found by a Samaritan, who took him from the street and returned him to school. While in secondary school, as an adolescent, the same childhood scenario came back and from there he began to preach the gospel to his classmates. Despite the short time back in school, he was soon finished with his A2(matric) and ready to embrace the free life. He joined the Pentecost Church and the Pastors there did all they could to train him in the Christian formal basic ministries.

Shortly after finishing his matric, this Alexis found himself in jail and from there he was sent by God to Uganda where his evangelical ministry took shape. He faced many challenges, but throughout with Christ standing by, he has found success and truth.

Together with his converted fellows and followers, he decided to start NDAHEI. He is a founder and President of NDAHEI and was ordained by Bishop Karure Fred of Wakiso Nations Friendship of the born again Christians in Uganda.

Alexis is currently living with his family in Rwanda, where he still holds onto his calling to make disciples for Jesus. Alexis wishes to see nations being changed by the power of God through true biblical teaching, strategic prayers and discipleship making. He wants the community and coming generations to be transformed through healing of the broken hearts, both spiritually and physically. Alexis is now a professional Author with two books which are Your Dream is bigger than the challenges you face and The Secret to Healing your wounds and the reconciliation. There are some other upcoming editions of his books. 

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